About Us

School Hours

All Classes..........................9.00am – 2.50pm
Small Break...........................10.45 - 11.00am
Lunch................................12.30pm – 1.00pm


Blue shirt, navy jumper, pants and, if desired, navy/dark shorts for summertime.
Please insure all items of clothing are clearly marked with pupil’s names


The school has a healthy eating policy. This encourages children to eat healthy food and it has proven very successful, both with children and parents.


Children are supervised during small break and lunch break. Each teacher has a designated supervision day.


Under the Education Welfare Act all schools are obliged to notify the Education Welfare Board if a pupil has been absent for a period of twenty days or greater in a school year. It is very important that the school is notified of reason for absences.

St. Finbarr's BNS Drop Off System

For safety purposes there is a drop off system at the school entrance. When you approach the school please drive into the drop off zone, queuing if necessary. Please ensure that children exit the car on the footpath and they can walk up to the school from there. If you need to visit the school in the morning, please park away from the drop off points. It is very important not to park IN the drop off zone AT ANY TIME.

Collection of Children

It is important that you notify the school if you want to collect your child before the official closing time or if you have made alternative collection arrangements.

Book Rental Scheme

We have developed a book rental scheme which is now up and running in the school. This scheme is proving very successful and parents are very happy with the savings.

iPads in the Classroom

We have introduced iPads in the classroom since February 2013. Pupils purchase their own iPad, and brothers are very welcome to share their iPad between them. Purchase may be arranged through the school, order forms are available from the school office.

Text a Parent

We operate a TEXT A PARENT SYSTEM at our school. The school will use the mobile numbers provided on your child’s enrolment form. (Please contact the school if you change your number).